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Earn Online Money Searching the Internet

Searching the Internet . There are many ways to make money online these days, from writing, to virtual assisting, web testing, selling things on eBay or Craigslist, and more .If you’re going to be surfing the web, you might as well get paid for it.

Get paid to search sounds interesting and almost unreal, but it’s real and there are search engines that pay you for searching the Internet.
Unfortunately, Google isn’t one of them. You can’t get paid to search Google.

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How To Earn Online Money Searching the Internet

Here Amazing 10 Companies that Will Pay You To Searching the Internet :

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks comes in at first place due to their sheer popularity in the online world of making money. This rewards website pays you for completing tasks online such as taking surveys, watching videos, taking polls, surfing the web and more. Each time you search with Swagbucks, you’re one step closer to earning some extra points that can be redeemed for cash prizes. However, it’s difficult to determine how often you’ll earn points since there’s no concise pattern. You search and win cash. Each search performed gives you a chance to win $1-$5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. There are also some other ways to earn money like getting paid for shopping through their network. With SB you can also get paid to complete offers.

2. ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks is a lot like SwagBucks, it even sounds like it! Not only you can earn money for searching, you can also earn money by watching videos, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and more. Minimum requirement for cashing out is only 650 points which is equivalent to $5. Given that you earn 150 points just for signing up, it won’t take you that long to get your first payment.

3. InteradMedia.com

You can get paid to search the web by performing genuine searches that you would do with any other search provider. You get paid $0.001 for every minute you are actively searching online. Plus, you earn 5% of your direct referral’s earnings. Once you have $25 in your account you can cash out, which will be paid to you via PayPal.

4. Bing Rewards

Earn rewards just for searching the web. Join Bing Rewards by signing in using a Microsoft account only (hotmail, outlook, or Live). I always recommend to set up an separate email for these types of programs anyways, so setting up a hotmail account to use this program would be valuable.
What makes this so awesome is that it requires nothing more than for you to sign up. After that use search as you normally would and you earn points to trade in for gift cards!
For every 2 searches you do you earn 1 credit, you can earn up to 15 credits per day on your desktop and 10 credits per day on your mobile.

5. Scour.com

Scour.com shows results from three major engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can either earn points for each search you make, or earn by voting and commenting on keywords that have been searched.
You will earn points (usually 3 points per search) for the first 100 searches that you do daily. Plus, you earn 25% of what each of your invited friends earn. 6500 points equals to $25 ,assuming you have many friends to invite you have the potential to earn a lot of points quiet rapidly. Paid by PayPal or prepaid visa gift card .

6. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars offers you points for searching the internet, earn $0.01 for each of your first five qualified searches and $0.01 for every two after that. They also are one of the only companies that pay you for opening and reading emails they send you, paying you $0.02 per email you open. A few other things that they do is they pay you to take surveys, do tasks, and much more!

If you refer friends, you can get 10% of all your referrals earnings.
Inbox Dollars sends you a physical check every month, which can be better because it is actual cash to put towards something you need.

7. Blingo.com

With Blingo you don’t actually get paid to search the web, rather you earn chances to win. All you have to do is search just like you normally would. Each search (up to 25 per day) will give you one chance to win prizes instantly. Prizes include anything from movie tickets to cars (Though I have never heard or known of anybody who has won an actual car!).

Each day, Blingo’s prize program chooses a bunch of winning times (usually several per hour). The first person to search after a winning time wins the prize. You must be at least 13 years old and live in United States to be able to participate.

8. ZoomBucks

For details of how ZoomBucks works, you could just look at the SwagBucks description above. It’s pretty much the same, giving you points for all sorts of online activities, such as watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, and searching.

In a way, it’s flattering to SwagBucks, as the coders of ZoomBucks must think SwagBucks have the right business model.
You can get paid out directly in money, or get gift cards.

9. SupportingFriends.com

This one is very different and unique in the sense that you can help a friend in need by searching. It has been developed as a way of raising funds for those who need support, simply from you searching the internet.

Here is how it works; After registering, you choose a cause or add your own (that cause or person in need could be yourself). To dedicate your earnings to that cause or person, perform searches like you would normally do and SupportingFriends will share 50% of their Yahoo revenue that is generated from your searches, with you, which is then paid to that cause or person every 30 days.

10. PCH Search & Win

In case you don’t recognize it, PCH stands for Publishers Clearing House, which runs a regular huge sweepstakes for millions of dollars.

But with PCH Search, you can earn points to enter other contests, and you automatically get entered in a daily sweepstakes every day you log in.

While it’s worth checking in to be entered, the points can’t be translated into cash but only buy contest entries, so you can’t look at this one for a regular income.

If you’re looking for make money from home online, working as a Search Engine Evaluator can give you an interesting and satisfying job , you are basically doing what you already do any way, searching! The only difference is that you actually get paid to search.

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