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Why Are People Focus on Money More Than On Survival?

Money vs Survival ,The world is on the brink of total disaster however authorities square measure targeted on money-making comes instead of on however and why this is often the case. Governments seem addicted to things like trade and massive business. Those within the poorer classes square measure ever a lot of abandoned to their fate as wages square measure cut and their scenario deteriorates.

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So desperate square measure some that once a wealthy person, like Donald Trump, guarantees them jobs and a far better life they volitionally support and elect him to the foremost powerful position within the world, that of President of the u. s.. this is often happening in alternative countries yet wherever flush folks, like the Prime Minister of Australia, also are elective .

Both these leaders have taken stands against temperature change whereas their attention is drawn to business handouts with massive tax cuts whereas the insufficient folks square measure financially pushed ever tougher. The Australian government has cut penalty rates for people who work on Sundays and a few can feel the loss of that money tougher thanks to their circumstances.

Likewise, these 2 leaders favour coal over renewable energy and square measure permitting the event of a lot of coal mines to occur. Australia is on the point of see the commencement of 1 of the most important of those industries within the world, the Adani Mine in Queensland, which at the chance of the good coral reef.

Climate amendment, over-population, and also the threat of impending nuclear war, square measure some of the outcomes of golf stroke cash prior to survival. Slowly, over the last a pair of millennia particularly, one thing peculiar has occurred that’s having black effects.

First is that the use of cash as a kind of exchange. it’s change some to grow wealthy at the expense of others. Then came taxation, which provides governments management over populations, and at last came the angle that some men square measure a lot of meriting and higher than the remainder.

While the grab for power exaggerated the importance of wealth and position it conjointly brought a deeply unbalanced set of circumstances. Slavery is simply alittle a part of it with nature the $64000 victim. Nothing of a natural prevalence is price protective within the eyes of these UN agency will use it to extend their bank balance.

While the remainder can suffer the results the systems place in situ by Constantine, a Emperor of Rome, stay because the foundation of the planet Order and, therefore, the institution. In Revelation 13:12-18 he’s represented because the Second Beast UN agency carries the amount 666.

One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out however his religions, the Roman church and therefore the Muslim Branch of it, square measure at the core of all the wars and act of terrorism that has taken place over the last two,000 years. ordered at his feet is also the encouragement to breed while not thought aside from that it’s somehow associated with commands given by God.

My reincarnation LED Maine to analysis the origin of faith and power. It LED Maine back in time to the Persia and worship of the sun, that is that the 1st beast of Revelation. Men became thus hooked in to it because the Creator and producer of all life that it’s ne’er waned in and of itself in their minds.

The most educated do not settle for the actual fact that power on earth is nothing however AN invention by men UN agency look for to become gods, at any value. whereas their money-hungry and egotistic ways in which square measure at work to destroy everything it’s on the far side anyone to prevent people who see wealth as acceptance into glory. this is often the lure that was set from the beginning and why the 2 beasts have stood as beacons for actions against the Spirit of the Universe, the $64000 God.

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